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 Saturday 18 June 2011

The news releases below refer to a period when Marlyn Glen was a Member of the Scottish Parliament. Ms. Glen was an MSP from May 2003 - March 2011. She is no longer an MSP.







SNP Government’s failure to double the number of school nurses in Tayside revealed >>> 11/03/2011

Dundee and Angus Breastfeeding rates : MSP questions Scottish Government >>> 02/03/2011

Number of nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside falls to a 4-year low >>> 25/02/2011

Migration and Trafficking : Speech in the Scottish Parliament >>> 23/02/2011

MSP to raise cervical screening rates with Scottish Government : 20-24 age group significantly lower than all other age groups under 60>>> 17/02/2011

Dundee Gender Pay Gap : Women face "double disadvantage" >>> 09/02/2011

Over 1,700 on Dundee and Angus physio waiting lists, as number of physiotherapy posts falls, over 700 on waiting lists for podiatrists as number of podiatry posts also falls. >>> 08/02/2011

Domestic Abuse : MSP praises women in Dundee for coming forward >>> 08/02/2011

Teaching posts in Dundee : Funding is the equivalent of employing 16 of Dundee's 74 probationer teachers 02/02/2011 >>> 02/02/2011

Estimated cost of alcohol abuse to the NHS in Tayside is a minimum of £15 million a year>>> 31/01/2011

Speech in the Scottish Parliament on Car Sharing >>> 26/01/2011

Areas of Dundee approaching 10 per cent unemployment rates >>> 25/01/2011

Dundee Forensics : MSP to question Justice Minister again on transfer costs >>> 17/01/2011

Dundee unemployment figures >>> 11/01/2011

SNP Health Cuts - Fewer nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside now than when the SNP were in power three years ago - Nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside falls for the first time in 10 years - Over 190 medical, nursing, and science posts lost in the past year >>> 07/01/2011

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More news from Marlyn Glen

Over 20 per cent rise in anti-obesity drugs prescribed in NHS Tayside in one year >>> 30/12/2010

Lochee Health Profile Clarified >>> 24/12/2010

Over 280 construction workers in Dundee seeking work as housing spending cut by half >>> 22/12/2010

Education Maintenance Allowances applications plunge by almost 40 per cent in Dundee and College Bursaries face 2 per cent cuts >>> 22/12/2010

6 Emergency Workers prosecutions in Dundee >>> 21/12/2010

Secret council board meetings : question to be raised in the Scottish Parliament >>> 19/12/2010

Dundee dental bursary scheme success hailed >>> 10/12/2010

Dundee Forensic Laboratory : Protest to Minister over transfer of posts from Dundee>>> 8/12/2010

Education merger "camouflage for cuts" concern >>> 8/12/2010

Before the SNP's council cuts come, remember this....>>> 3/12/2010

Lochee Health Profile : call for more information >>> 30/11/2010

Welcome for increase in resources for dementia services in Dundee >>> 25/11/2010

Dundee City Council £20 million cuts : Freedom of Information request over "Secrecy and Silence Board" >>> 20/11/2010

The draft Scottish Budget - The SNP’s New Concordat with Local Councils >>> 20/11/2010

Scottish Budget : call for "determined action to help Dundee">>>16/11/2010

Mills Observatory "must remain in the public sector>>>15/11/2010

Education expenditure increase in Dundee under Labour >>>13/11/2010

Speech in Scottish Parliament debate : Curriculum for Excellence >>>11/11/2010

Call for Dundee City Council to consult public over £20 million cuts for council tax freeze >>>10/11/2010

The future of Dundee FC >>>4/11/2010

Welcome for Dundee V&A design decision announcement >>>3/11/2010

Apprenticeships : Labour won guarantee of 7,800 more apprenticeships >>>1/11/2010

Council tax freeze : councils have no power to increase tax on individual tax bands >>>29/10/2010

Education amalgamation : plea for no job losses in Dundee >>>20/10/2010

200 posts now predicted to go at NHS Tayside to go : SNP government responsible, says MSP >>>15/10/2010

Cost of care for the elderly : MSP asks council again for figures >>>14/10/2010

Welcome for more cleaning staff at Ninewells >>>07/10/2010

New class size limit of 25 for Primary 1 can be exceeded >>>01/10/2010

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More News from Marlyn Glen

See Me Campaign : Scottish Parliament speech >>>29/09/2010

Homecoming Scotland : No figures on "boost" for Dundee >>>23/09/2010

Benefit cuts : Dundee could lose up to £21 million a year >>>17/09/2010

SNP forced to back down on class sizes claim >>>16/09/2010

Cost of unemployment in Dundee put at £40 million a year >>> 10/09/2010

Class sizes : Scottish Government failing schools, parents and teachers >>> 10/09/2010

Marlyn Glen is not seeking re-election to the Scottish Parliament in 2011 >>> 02/09/2010

Council Tax Freeze : Call for Dundee to retain its share of £70 million funding >>> 31/08/2010

No permanent posts for over 60 per cent of probationary teachers in Dundee >>> 24/08/2010

Council tax freeze has benefited those in higher tax bands the most >>> 21/08/2010

Realtime Worlds collapse : "Urgent meeting" sought with Employment Minister >>> 18/08/2010

VAT increase to cost NHS Tayside an extra £400,000 this year >>> 17/08/2010

"Never-Ending Council Tax Freeze" faces crisis of credibility >>> 16/08/2010

Pregnancy and Maternity Employment Tribunal Cases : Less than 1 in 10 successful >>> 10/08/2010

Free Personal Care : "The debate has only just begun" >>> 07/08/2010

Cuts : Solutions, not squabbles are needed >>> 07/08/2010

Cuts : Council " failing to face up to its responsibility" >>> 04/08/2010


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More News from Marlyn Glen

Working age population set to fall despite increase in pension age >>> 23/07/2010

500 jobs cut at NHS Tayside : "Health service already at full stretch," says MSP >>> 23/07/2010

NHS Tayside "on track" to meet new cancer treatment target next year >>> 09/07/2010

Scottish Parliament votes down MSP’s amendments to make buying of sex illegal as new report says that Sweden’s laws to ban the buying of sex are a "success" >>> 07/07/2010

Teenage pregnancy levels in Dundee>>> 06/07/2010

Questions raised on future cost of care of elderly in Dundee >>> 02/07/2010

Unemployment figures for individual council wards in Dundee >>> 30/06/2010

Link between Unemployment and Ill-Health >>> 30/06/2010

Speech on Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill >>> 30/06/2010

Harris Academy refurbishment takes back seat for £1.4 million "East Central Territory Hub" >>> 28/06/2010

Diabetes : Re-tabled Parliamentary Question reveals much higher hospital admission numbers in Dundee and Angus>>> 23/06/2010

2010 levels of diabetes in Tayside exceed those initially predicted for 2018 >>> 15/06/2010

500 jobs to go at NHS Tayside : health board placed in "a terrible situation" by SNP Government >>> 09/06/2010

Active Travel : speech in the Scottish Parliament>>> 09/06/2010

MSP re-tables question on diabetes in Dundee and Angus because of "lack of information" in answer >>> 08/06/2010

Two view mammography : no official NHS Tayside data yet>>> 09/06/2010

NHS cuts : speech in the Scottish Parliament>>> 03/06/2010

500 posts to go at NHS Tayside : "impact severe" says MSP>>> 03/06/2010

"Childhood obesity strong pointer to adult obesity">>> 01/06/2010

Cancer waiting times : MSP asks Health Secretary about NHS Tayside’s resources >>> 28/05/2010

MSP raises with Minister £1.4 million cost for Hub to oversee Harris Academy refurbishment >>> 26/05/2010

MSP to raise 500 job cuts in NHS Tayside in Scottish Parliament >>> 21/05/2010

Welcome for bursaries for Abertay biomedical students to work in NHS on graduation >>> 20/05/2010

NHS Tayside 500 job cuts : "Accelerated pace of cuts "worrying">>> 19/05/2010

NHS Tayside 500 job cuts : state which jobs will go, says MSP >>> 17/05/2010

MSP raises NHS Tayside Hospital Pharmacist Vacancies with Health Secretary >>> 11/05/2010

Progress in reducing smoking rates, concern at freeze in funding for cessation services 06/05/2010 >>>

Apprentice redundancies : "sign of stagnation in key sector industry">>> 20/04/2010

Laptop scheme for Scotland urged>>> 14/04/2009

Gender Pay Gap : "Still a Long Way to Closing it">>> 01/04/2009

Putting Dundee "at the forefront of green energy production" 29/03/2010

No guarantee that new composite classes will not be formed in Dundee primary schools 29/03/2010>>>

 Plea not to cut Dundee’s affordable homes budget 22/03/2010>>>

Jobs relocation : Dundee " simply ignored once again" 18/03/2010>>>

Alcohol misuse imposing " considerable strain " on NHS in Tayside 16/03/2010 >>>

Drop out rate on Dundee student nursing courses reaches 40 per cent 11/03/2010 >>>

Gender pay gap a " stubborn reminder of a wider inequality against women" 09/03/2010 >>>

SNP Government breaks promise to fund councils and health boards to reduce the number of prescriptions for anti-depressants 26/02/2010>>>

Anti-obesity drug use in Tayside soars 20/02/2010>>>

MSP welcomes NHS Tayside decision to release Ninewells internal report on C difficile outbreak 16/02/2010>>>

Alcohol-related behaviour costs the NHS in Tayside over £ year in ambulance call outs 15/02/2010>>>

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Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West 

Jim McGovern condemns the Government's Budget as bad for Dundee>>>23/03/2011

Jim McGovern condemns Government statement on the Computer Games Industry>>>21/03/2011

Jim McGovern welcomes No-fly Zone against Colonel Gaddafi>>>21/03/2011

Jim McGovern calls on Michael Moore to do more to support Dundee>>>10/03/2011

Jim McGovern welcomes new investment into Dundee Michelin factory>>>23/02/2011

Jim McGovern calls on Government to do more to tackle unemployment>>>17/02/2011

Jim McGovern condemns the impact of VAT rise on fuel prices>>>08/02/2011

Jim McGovern calls on Government to offer reassurances on the future of Remploy Ltd>>>31/01/2011

Jim McGovern welcomes new evidence that tax relief for the Computer Games Industry is essential >>>26/01/2011

Jim McGovern questions Government immigration policy>>>24/01/2011

Jim McGovern calls for more detailed plans for Olympics 2012 legacy in Scotland >>>20/01/2011

Jim McGovern and other local MPs meet Government Minister to discuss the Computer Games Industry >>>18/01/2011

Jim McGovern disappointed that Dundee F.C. points deduction to stand >>>15/01/2011

Jim McGovern welcomes call for Iain Duncan Smith to visit Dundee >>>10/01/2011

Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council's budget is a "Back to the Future" budget >>>03/02/2011

Graffiti " an affront to all those who take a justifiable pride in their community" >>>25/01/2010

Keenan calls for the council’s Changing for the Future Board to be scrapped >>>10/12/2010

SNP must reveal their spending cuts plan for Dundee immediately >>> 01/12/2010

More news from Jim McGovern

Jim McGovern comments on GMB research into job-seekers >>>30/11/2010

Dundee MP presses the Prime Minister over Games Industry Tax Relief >>>3/11/2010

Dundee MP questions Scottish Football League’s 25 point punishment for Dundee >>>1/11/2010

Jim McGovern comments on Fibrecity reports in the local media >>>26/10/2010

Jim McGovern condemns Coalition Spending Cuts>>>20/10/2010

Jim McGovern questions Government over low wages>>>18/10/2010

Jim McGovern meets with Treasury Minister David Gauke over Games Industry >>>18/10/2010

Jim McGovern MP’s "great sadness" as Dundee FC go into administration >>>16/10/2010

Jim McGovern welcomes productive evidence session of Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into the Computer Games Industry >>>13/10/2010

Jim McGovern concerned that loss of defence contracts has lead to job losses in Dundee>>>8/10/2010

Jim McGovern welcomes meeting with Michael Moore over Computer Games Industry but work still to be done >>>7/10/2010

Jim McGovern responds to David Cameron's speech at Tory conference >>>6/10/2010

Jim McGovern brings Scottish Secretary to Dundee to support games industry >>>23/09/2010

Benefit cuts : Dundee could lose up to £21 million a year >>>17/09/2010

McGovern welcomes Scottish Affairs Select Committee visit to Dundee >>> 13/09/2010

Jim McGovern cautiously welcomes news of Real Time Worlds buyer >>> 06/09/2010

Jim McGovern outraged by Tory/Lib Dem Gerrymandering >>> 06/09/2010

Jim McGovern calls on Secretary of State for Scotland to visit Dundee to discuss the closure of Real Time Worlds >>> 19/08/2010

Realtime Worlds : Jim McGovern dismayed by closure of Dundee Games Firm >>> 18/08/2010

Jim McGovern condemns SNP over unemployment statistics politicking >>> 12/08/2010

McGovern condemns Government plans to scrap planned update of Scottish Railways>>> 04/08/2010

McGovern Questions Deputy Prime Minister over Referendum Vote>>> 27/07/2010

Jim McGovern meets Scottish Secretary on Games Industry tax relief>>> 22/07/2010

Jim McGovern welcomes meeting with Michael Moore>>> 20/07/2010

McGovern puts pressure on Government over Child Poverty and the scrapping of the Future Jobs Fund>>> 19/07/2010

McGovern expresses concern on media reports that BP to pay less tax>>> 13/07/2010

McGovern questions Cameron over failure to support games industry >>> 06/07/2010

McGovern calls on Coalition to learn lessons from Scottish Elections>>> 06/07/2010

Pre-Budget statement>>> 22/06/2010

Israeli storming of aid convoy : Jim McGovern contacts Foreign Secretary>>> 01/06/2010

Response to award to Christian arts group to use vacant space at Dundee Rail Station >>> 02/06/2010

 Jim McGovern's Parliamentary motion on tax relief for games industry>>> 26/05/2010

 Jim McGovern calls on tells Tory Chancellor not to abandon planned tax relief to help games industry in Dundee>>> 18/05/2010

 Speech at Rally in support of the Save Balmossie Fire Station campaign >>> March 2010


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